Brooks Putting It All On Show At Bethpage

Heres a list of things that could prevent Brooks Koepka from completing a wire to wire victory today at the PGA Championship (in order from least to most likely)

  • He plays badly and someone from the chasing pack goes low and catches him.
  • He suffers devastating food poisoning following a late night slice of New York pizza
  • A group of fans, so upset with how the final season of Game of Thrones has gone, storm the course and kidnap him for ransom demanding an entire re write of season 8
  • He grabs his man thong by mistake when packing this morning and the brutal chaffing causes him to withdraw

Thats pretty much it. Brooks is playing awesome and looks basically unflappable. Its been 3 days of sitting in front of my TV refusing to believe that golf can be that easy. Hit the fairway (300 yards down it mind you), hit the green and make a putt. Simple. Koepka is more than likely going to win his 4th major this evening putting him along side superstars like Rory McIlroy and just one behind Phil Mickelson. (Still 11 behind our guy Edlrick but who’s counting)

Just pure power. Its awesome to watch. Just goes out and attacks golf courses in a way we haven’t seen since, well maybe since Tiger back in the early 2000’s. He’s strong enough that the rough isn’t a problem so he may as well just crush every drive as near to the green as possible. I expect today to go much like the previous three with Brooks likely shooting in the 60’s and making it look fairly routine.

The beginning of the next great run of dominance in golf? Maybe so, but for now lets just enjoy what will likely be the biggest winning margin in a major since Tiger put 15 strokes between himself and the field in the 2000 US Open.

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