Show Offs Man City Sneak Past Gutsy Watford

It may be worth admitting at this point that I am a Watford Fan but I have made sure to maintain unbiased when composing the content of this post. The headline? Well I’m not perfect.

FA Cup final day. Even for the casual fan it’s still something special. A chance to see your team play for silverware on the iconic Wembley pitch a chance for the underdog to become a champion with the whole country watching. Well today wasn’t exactly that but it was definitely special. With Watford going up against the newly crowned Premiership Champions it was always going to be tough and ultimately the quality of Man City was overwhelming.

The game started off fairly even with the best chance of the opening exchanges going to Watford after a slick counter attack left a one on one that Pereyra couldn’t convert.

After that Watfords chances were few and far between. The remainder of the half was dominated by City. The opening goal came from a somewhat unexpected source in both the build up and the player to score it. After Doucouré was caught in position a headed won by the diminutive Raheem Sterling fell the David Silva who, having not scored a goal in 2019, managed a neat finish to put the ball past Gomes.

Shortly after Bernardo Silva picked up the ball outside the 18 yard box and delivered a wonderful ball towards the back post. The ball was met with the run of Gabriel Jesus and a soft touch guided on it’s way into the Watford net. Just before crossing the line Sterling made 100% sure by blasting it into the back of the net. A poachers finish that could get you in big trouble on the playground but they all count. 2-0 Man City.

To be honest not much of note happened in the second half. Nothing worth talking about anyway. Whistle blew, football happened, whistle blew again. You know how it works.

Ok it wasn’t great. Really once 5 and 6 went in I was just begging for the ref to put an end to it. Save the fanbase from, what already was one of the largest FA Cup final winning margins, becoming history making.

Ultimately it just wasn’t to be, Manchester City were an opponent too far in Watfords wonderful run towards FA Cup glory. City were sensational and ruthless and dominant and pretty much everything you need to win an FA Cup final 6-0. For Watford, the run comes to an end but it was a lot of fun. For City, a run of trophy winning continues and shows no real signs of slowing down anytime soon.

It should also be mentioned that todays win gave City the first domestic treble ever recorded by an english club. Very special team indeed.

Edit – The gave the second goal to Gabriel Jesus. No hat trick for Sterling and justice for Jesus.

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