Realistic Landing Spots For Cam Newton

With Cam’s time in New England over its time for the former NFL MVP to look for a new home for the 2021-2022 season. If you needed a concise summary of how his time with the patriots went, well their were real conversations within the media that retirement could realistically be his best option. Not something you want discussed if you still beilieve yourself to be a top Quarterback in the league which is something think Cam still believes. Now replacing the Brady era was never going to be easy but this year team had some really ugly performances and Newton was at the centre of plenty of them. For those keeping track his injury issues over the last few years included throwing right shoulder and left foot. A while a regular setup in a game of twister, its not a good combination for a right handed quarterback. If I had to guess I would say the foot look ok with Newton looking dominant in the run game at times but throwing the ball?? That wasn’t pretty. Simple completions were missed with balls at times seemingly to travel downwards faster than the went forwards. Like I said it was ugly, but Cam wants to play next season and I dont think the NFL as a whole is ready to say goodbye totally so where o where will he go.

Now obviously not every team will be looking for a quarterback next year so the way I see the conversation starts with the following teams;

  • Jets
  • Dolphins
  • Broncos
  • Bengals
  • Washington
  • Bears

Now if I am the Jets signing Cam liekly doesnt win we more games than Darnold and with Justin Fields perfomance last week taking him at 2 has become a real possibility so lets rule them out. I feel a bit mean putting the Dolphins in that list but Tua looked shaky to say the least in his playing time. If I am being honest though I think they either A, keep the school of Fitpatrick open for another year and hope Tua develops or B, again use the draft to find another option. I don’t think Newton helps here. We can probally rule out the Broncos as they are a team run by a man with a very specific idea of what a quarterback should be and Cams game isnt exactly it. I expect them to look in the draft also with it becoming clear the Drew Lock may not be a long term option.

The Bengals are in that list purely because of the status of number 1 option Joe Burrow. There is no doubt that he is the future but if he isn’t ready to go at the start of next season I think rushing him out there is terrible idea so maybe if Cam’s ego has taken a sufficient knock to keep the price low it could be a fun option for the start of next year.

So that leaves us will two realistic options.

Chicago Bears

Stop me when you have heard this before but the Chicago Bears may not have the answer at the Quarterback position. Whether Nagy stays or goes I think Trubiskys future has to be elsewhere to give him a realistic chance of developing into a go to guy and the Nick Foles has been officially cemented as here for a good time but not a long time. He will certaintly get another back up role but his game doesn’t offer enough to a team whose offense looks out of ideas so regularly. If Cam can protect the ball and keep his rushing yards up maybe the Bears just give up throwing entirely and look to win everygame 10-7. Hey its not a great plan but its something. I reserve the right to change this should the Bears storm through the playoffs with Mitchell at the helm but I think it more likely they flame out and end up at draft time without a Quarterback on the board and suddenly the Cam option looks a least a little interesting.

Washington Football Team

I, like think many others, would just like to see Alex Smith take what is left of his legs and move on from professional football. There is no shame in packing it in after what her went through and now having had the chance to prove his comeback was real he should quit whilst ahead. Dwayne Haskins is also now no longer an option having been cut so the door is somewhat open for a reunion between Cam and his coach from hi Carolina days, Ron Rivera. Rivera and his staff maybe be the only people outside of Newton himself who know exactly what he went though injury wise and maybe they feel confident enough that they can get the best out of him.

All of this is based on Cam Newton, starting Quarterback which in reality may no longer be an option. I personally think outside of the teams above the best option for Cam could be to back up someone like a Rogers, Rothlisberger or even Brady and come in as a short yardage option. Kind of how the saints have used bridgewater at times. You want to drive the ball down the field, go to your starter. You need a 1 yard sneak or a QB power run, in comes Cam for some fireworks. This would obviously require Newton to adjust his own perception of his role but If options become scarce i would like to see it.

Comment below where you think Cam fits best. Or is his time in the NFL over?

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