Haskell Hangs Them Up

With James Haskell announcing his retirement earlier this week it seems like a good time to look back at a 17 year career that included 77 caps for England, a Lions call up as well as club success both domestic and international.

For all you lot born after the year 2000 it may be easy to think of Haskell as a cookbook author/breakfast TV regular and with a injury plagued last few years his most recent viral moment was a post match interview that sounded striking similar to the exact moment you realise that fourth and fifth vodka shot might be catching up with you.

But as recently as 2015 he was marauding the pitch in the England number 7 shirt putting together highlight moments like this..

Shit. Sorry James. Must have gotten the wrong link…just a second. Let me see if I can fix this…yep here we go. Much better.


In the end the injuries caught up with him but Haskell retires as a Grand Slam champion, Heineken Cup champion and Premiership champion. Not bad eh. Good luck in retirement James. I have no doubt we will be seeing plenty of you in the punditry box very shortly.

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