Becks Gets Banned But Leaves More Questions Than Answers

David Beckham has been given a six-month driving ban for using his mobile phone while behind the wheel.
The former England captain previously pleaded guilty to using the device while driving his Bentley in central London on 21 November last year.

BBC News

Not a good look for our boy Golden Balls. Now look, we can all agree that being on the phone whilst driving is not a good idea but thats not what I want to focus on here. You’re telling me that if I spend £150,000 on a Bentley I still have to answer the phone like a common chump. Theres not some robot controlled handsfree system which bluetooth’s sound straight into my brain? Crazy. However, Beck’s has never been heralded as the sharpest tool in the shed. Could be that after hours of searching, connecting and disconnecting he thought screw it, I’ll just answer the damn phone myself theres no police around, i’ll be two seconds, people get away with this all the time…..

A court heard he was photographed by a member of the public holding a phone as he drove in “slowly moving” traffic.

BBC News

Got him. Shout out to this guy/girl. You think being A list celebrity makes you above the law? Hell no, not today. I’ll record my own evidence head on down to the station and report you myself.

P.S. What is David Beckham doing driving himself around anyway? If I’m ever worth hundreds of millions of pounds theres no shot I ever sit in the front seat of a car again.

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