Go Easy On Me

Those close to me know that this is something is an idea I have been toying with for some time. Im sure you’ve heard the story before, huge sports fan who dreams of a way to turn fandom into a career path. Well that pretty much sums it up. I don’t have a ‘dead end’ job by any means. I have spent the last 4 years working in science, stem cell research to be specific, and it’s been great. Ok money, interesting day to day but it has never felt like my passion or that it is leading my career anyway in particular. Now its fair to say that may be down to me being young, naive and even slightly lazy at times but hey, the whole sports fandom turned career is pretty enticing so why not give it a go. 

So hopefully some of whats to follow is interesting or funny or both to some of you out there. If not, well at least my Mum will tell me its good.

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